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8 Assets to Inflation-Proof Your Portfolio – Watch Free Webinar


The prospect of higher inflation may have some investors contemplating a shift in their investment strategies. While diversified portfolios contain assets that often perform better than others during times of higher inflation, hedging may not be limited to exposure to Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) or corporate inflation-protected securities (CIPS).

8 Assets to inflation-proof Your Portfolio

  1. Precious metals (gold, silver, crypto)
  2. Commodities
  3. Inflation hedge-type stocks (durable goods, etc.)
  4. Green Transition (companies like Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc Report owns SolarCity)
  5. Natural resource equities
  6. Infrastructure 
  7. Real Estate and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust)
  8. TIPs (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities)

TheStreet discussed these assets and other inflationary investing strategies during a recent webinar, How to Play the Inflation Trade, brought to you by VanEck.