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Death Tax: Prime Minister Must Quash Parker’s Softening Stance


The New Zealand Taxpayers’
is calling on the Prime Minister
to definitively rule out a death tax under her

Union spokesman Louis
Houlbrooke says, “Prior to the 2017 election, Jacinda
Ardern said
of a death tax
, ‘That’s not what we’re looking at –
that’s off.’”

“But four years and two elections
later, Revenue Minister David Parker now has his bean
counters at Inland Revenue investigating New Zealanders’
wealth, and specifically, our inherited wealth. And instead
of firmly ruling out a death or wealth tax, he now
just says
it’s ‘not being considered’. That is far
from a firm ruling out.”

“Parker also points to
the promise in Labour’s election manifesto, but that
manifesto only rules out implementing new taxes in the
current three-year term of government, leaving Parker free
to do the groundwork to introduce a tax after the 2023

“Indeed, Jacinda Ardern never ruled
out a death tax as firmly as she did with a capital gains
tax. After a massive backlash against that proposal, she
stared down the barrel of the camera and ruled out ever
introducing a capital gains tax as long as she was Prime
Minister. Taxpayers deserve that same kind of reassurance
about a death tax.”

On Monday the Taxpayers’
Union published five
reasons New Zealand doesn’t need a death

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