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Defining moment, US & a vow to return stronger | Top points from Imran’s address


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said he would not resign ahead of the trust vote in the National Assembly on Sunday, stating that he had never accepted defeat in life and was known for playing till the last ball in cricket. The beleaguered cricketer-turned-politician addressed the nation hours after a session on the no-confidence motion was adjourned till Sunday. 

Stating that Pakistan had reached a “defining moment” in its history, the Prime Minister further said a foreign nation was involved in sending a message that said Khan needed to be removed failing which Pakistan would have to face consequences.

Here are some of the top points he spoke about during the televised address.

– When I played cricket for 20 years, the world and those who played cricket with me saw that I played till the last ball. I have never accepted defeat in life. Nobody should think that I will sit at home. I’ll come back stronger, whatever may the result be.

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– Speaking about the ‘threat letter’ Khan said there was “evidence” of a foreign conspiracy to oust his government and mentioned the United States in what seemed to be a slip of tongue. “I am here today because on March 8 or 7, the United States … not the US … we got a message. For a free country, a message like this is (not only) against its prime minister but is also against the country (itself),” the PM was quoted as saying by Dawn.com.

– Khan then said the foreign power knew beforehand that a no-trust motion would be moved when it had not even been submitted. He said it meant the Opposition was connected with the people abroad. “They say they are angry with Pakistan … they make this excuse. They say they will forgive Pakistan if Imran Khan loses in no-trust move, but if the move fails, Pakistan will have to go through a difficult time,” he said.

– He said he had decided since taking over Pakistan’s reins, that the country would have an independent foreign policy. “This means it will be for Pakistanis. It does not mean that we wanted enmity. When I got the government I said that we will not have any foreign policy that is not in our favour.”

– Khan said he was fortunate God had given him everything – fame, wealth and so on. “I don’t need anything today, he gave me everything for which I am very thankful.

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– He further said Pakistan was only five years older than him. “I’m from the first generation of the country to be born after independence… As a child, I remember Pakistan rising to the top. South Korea had come to Pakistan to learn how did we progress, Malaysian princes used to study with me in school. (People from) the Middle East used to come to our universities. I’ve seen all this sinking, seen my country getting insulted.”

– Speaking about the time he entered politics, Khan said, “When I started politics, I included three things in my party’s manifesto. Justice, which means law is the same for the powerful and the weak. Humanity because there is kindness in an Islamic state, and third, Khuddari because a Muslim nation cannot be a slave.”

– He also said that ever since he had joined politics, I had neither bowed down before anyone and nor would now he’d let his nation do the same. “It means I will not let my nation be a slave to anyone. I have never backed down from this stance.”



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