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Geoparks may fit as the current tourism trend during the pandemic, which is prioritizing ecotourism and wellness tourism

Jakarta (ANTARA) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has reminded all stakeholders and the public to maintain Indonesia’s geological, biological, and cultural wealth and diversity to prevent them from being damaged and overexploited.

“The geopark area is a place to learn about the national and world heritage, geological diversity, biodiversity, and cultural diversity. We must protect all the diversity and wealth that we have and ensure that it is not destroyed and not overexploited,” Jokowi stated at a virtual conference on the Indonesia National Geopark on Monday.

Geopark, or geological park, is an area that has prominent geological elements. Geopark is a place to learn and preserve the wealth and diversity of Indonesia, Jokowi remarked.

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As a country located along the ring of fire, Indonesia has various geoparks, such as the Batur Geopark, which is the country’s  first to be included in  the UNESCO Global Geopark List, the Gunung Sewu Geopark, Ciletuh Geopark, Mount Rinjani Geopark, Lake Toba Geopark, and others.

Jokowi urged related stakeholders and the public to always maintain and protect the geopark area and other natural resources in Indonesia through area conservation efforts.

“Please protect our geological wealth by preserving the geological heritage and the values in it, such as the archaeological, ecological, historical, and cultural values, so that they can continue to be passed on to the future generations,” he affirmed.

The head of state also emphasized that geoparks can be developed into attractive geotourism sites where tourists can not only enjoy the natural beauty but also become involved in environmental conservation.

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“Geoparks may fit as the current tourism trend during the pandemic, which is prioritizing ecotourism and wellness tourism,” he added.

Each geopark is considered to have its own uniqueness that should be well-managed apart from the regional geology, volcanic characteristics, endemic flora and fauna, as well as the culture of the people in the geopark area, Jokowi noted.

President Jokowi emphasized that the geopark’s management was the key to determining the success of the geopark’s development. The management must involve geopark activists, academics, and the surrounding community.

“We can start by generating innovative ideas and making concrete breakthroughs that balance conservation with the economy. I hope that all elements would work to become part of the geopark conservation movement and develop the tourism potential,” Jokowi affirmed.

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