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Free turkeys distributed to families in need in Delray Beach


DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Thanksgiving is less than a week away and organizations and community members alike are joining forces to help families in need.

That’s the goal of a turkey giveaway that took place Saturday in Delray Beach at the Catherine Strong Park.

The event had 300 turkeys and 100 hams for families first come first serve, as cars were lined up around the block hours before the event started.

“That speaks a lot, and it doesn’t surprise me because I work in the community so I’m aware of a lot of the needs. So that’s why we did this. We wanted to provide a little bit of relief for our residents during the holiday season. That’s one less responsibility, one less worry, one less bill one less dollar they have to spend out of their pocket. If we can help, it all makes it worth it that’s why we’re doing it,” says Dupree Jackson a volunteer with the event.

According to United Way of Palm Beach County, nationally, more than 49 million Americans have trouble regularly putting nutritious food on the table. In addition, despite its wealth, more than 181,340 residents in Palm Beach County struggle with hunger.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is encouraging everyone to do their part and give back this holiday season.

“So I’m really asking members of the community who have just a little bit extra to give this season to give a little bit more, either of food that’s in their own pantries that maybe they over stocked last year during COVID or if they have an extra couple of dollars to give to these food banks. they are providing a tremendous service to the communities,” said Fried.”

This turkey giveaway is all thanks to the owners of Farm to Table restaurant along with a Delray Beach resident who bought hundreds of turkeys simply to give back.

The gesture is leaving families and those in need excited for their Thanksgiving holiday.

“I can eat that turkey 5 ways, I eat it fried, turkey salad, slice it up, turkey sandwich keep on going with it. It will do good for me, if I get somebody to cook it for me,” says Henry Reaves, a veteran who lives in Delray Beach in need of food.


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