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Marine Le Pen wants to transform the real estate wealth tax into a financial wealth tax –


December 1, 2021

The presidential candidate wants to exempt main residences but tax “financial fortune”, as she explains in an interview with Parisian.

After the ISF and the IFI, soon the IFF? That’s what Marine Le Pen is advocating. The presidential candidate wants to turn the real estate wealth tax (IFI), which succeeded the wealth tax (ISF) in 2018, into a financial wealth tax (IFF).

This third version “Will have the same rates and the same thresholds as the old ISF, but the main residence will be exempt”, explains Marine Le Pen in an interview with Parisian , this Wednesday. “This will protect the middle classes who sometimes entered the ISF because of the simple valuation of family property assets, especially in large cities or coastal areas”, she justifies. According to her, the current IFI taxes property if it does not “Financial wealth, a large part of which is speculative”.

The “sole residence” and exempt “professional assets”

In addition to the main residence, the “Unique residence” will also be exempt from the IFF. Behind this term, Marine Le Pen refers to people who own a property but in which they cannot live because it is too far from their workplaces, for example. On the other hand, the same is not the case for goods purchased in order to generate rent, she specifies.

Another specificity, if the “Professional assets, particularly agricultural” will also be exempt, “Works of art held for less than ten years” will be submitted to the IFF.

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3.4 billion euros

As for the contribution of such a measure to public finances, Marine Le Pen assures us: “The IFF would bring in 3.4 billion euros against 1.7 to 2 billion euros for the current IFI and would affect 250,000 people”. Returning to her proposal to exempt all young people up to 30 years from tax, including those with a very high income such as footballer Kylian Mbappé, the candidate promises: “He’ll probably pay the IFF”.

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