[ad_1] MacKenzie Scott, the billionaire philanthropist known for her unexpected multi-billion dollar donations to charities and racial equity causes, announced Tuesday that she has given $2.7 billion to 286 organizations. It is the third round of no-strings-attached, major philanthropic gifts Scott has made, which together rival the charitable contributions made by the largest foundations. Scott,
[ad_1] Warren Buffett has been thinking about inflation for a long time. The legendary 90-year old investor had the dangers of inflation drilled into him by his Republican Congressman father, according to biographers, and has repeatedly commented on the subject throughout his investing career. “We’re seeing very substantial inflation,” Buffett said at last month’s Berkshire
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[ad_1] Here’s the wealth distribution among households around your age, with your bracket highlighted: Wealth rank, for TK year olds When we looked at income ranks recently, many people were surprised (and some annoyed) that our calculator told them they were “rich.” Even though their incomes were high, many argued that after paying their mortgage,