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Rat Dreams ponders place on new experimental album ‘Six Postcards’


Rat Dreams, clockwise from top left: Carrie Stratton, Dan Seibert, Andrea Gutmann Fuentes, Jack Doran, Laura Cook, Will Myers.

In the early days of 2021, just after releasing the album In December, the bandmates in Rat Dreams looked ahead and saw only uncertainty.

“There was really no future where we were playing music together in the same room in sight, which was pretty hard to imagine since that’s what I like about music,” said Will Myers, the Columbus band’s singer and guitarist.  

Determined to still make music over the winter, Rat Dreams reinvented its creative process for a new instrumental album, Six Postcards, which releases today (Friday, Feb. 4). To kickstart the project, Myers sent a proposal to his bandmates — Andrea Gutmann Fuentes (violin), Laura Cook (flute, synth, mandolin), Carrie Stratton (bass, voice, electric guitar), Jack Doran (piano) and Dan Seibert (percussion, synth). 


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