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UK PM Johnson’s approval rating plummets to all-time low over ‘Christmas party’ scandal


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low at the end of a chaotic, troublesome week suffused with controversies related to the ‘Christmas party’ scandal at Number 10 last December. According to YouGov polls, UK’s Conservative leader currently sits at a net favorability of -42, and only 24%  have a “favourable” opinion for his leadership.

Reports have emerged of the discreet talks among the Conservative party lawmakers to bid him adieu with an internal vote of no confidence as his tenure, in the recent weeks, was marred with scandals. Net favourability of UK Prime Minister has slumped by 11 points as at least 66% Britons hold negative opinion for Tory leader. 

“Two thirds of the public now have an unfavourable opinion of the Prime Minister,” the YouGov revealed in the report published Dec. 10, Friday. 

Ministerial colleagues speaking about ‘how to oust the PM’

The Downing Street Christmas party scandal, most of all, had hit UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s approval ratings hard. “YouGov survey shows that two-thirds (66%) of the British public now have an unfavourable opinion of Boris Johnson, with just a quarter (24%) having a positive opinion of him – giving him a net favourability rating of -42,” the polling agency stressed.  “Ministerial colleagues are ‘definitely’ speaking about how to oust the PM,” internal sources told British news outlet The Independent. “

Boris, more than anyone, knows his position depends on being seen as an electoral asset,” Lord Barwell reportedly said. “If over time that goes, he really is in trouble.” 

Another controversy faced by the British leader about “revamping” his flat may have also proved detrimental for his public unfavouribility. A probe was ordered into Boris Johnson’s luxury refit of his Downing Street flat and a Labour’s Angela Rayner accused the UK leader of ‘lies’ and utilizing the donations. A former British chair of the committee of standards also echoed the claims. Johnson’s Brexit efforts had won popular support for the main opposition Labour party across the United Kingdom, garnering him an 80-seat majority in the British parliament.

Christmas Party scandal

But the YouGov poll has found that people were unhappy for their leader to be allegedly lying about a Christmas party while most of the UK reeled under the economic fallout of the stringent COVID-19 lockdown. Things took a turn for the worse for the UK PM after a video broadcast by CNN affiliate ITV News emerged this week showing the Number 10 officials joking and laughing about Johnson’s Christmas event held inside Downing Street during rehearsal televised press briefings. 

Meanwhile, via her former spokesperson, Johnson announced in a statement, that there was “no Christmas party and coronavirus rules had been followed at all times.” “Johnson has announced an internal inquiry and on Wednesday, one of the officials in the video,” Allegra Stratton, who resigned as a government adviser told the press. 


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