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‘You haven’t got a plan have you?!’ Burley descends into shouting match with Labour on tax


Health Select Committee member Sarah Owen was invited onto Sky News to discuss the latest vote on social care which removed council contributions to the £86,000 lifetime care cost cap. Ms Owen condemned the vote, which passed 272 to 246, stating those with modest and lower incomes should not have to sell their homes to afford care as it should fall on the “broadest shoulders”. But Kay Burley argued those with a lot of money have contributed a large portion of tax and demanded to know what Labour’s alternative would be which caused a big shouting match between them.

Speaking on Sky News, Ms Owen slammed the Government’s reforms to social care which would hit the poorest in the country.

A vote passed in the House of Commons this week removed council contributions to the lifetime care cap, meaning those who receive local support have to come up with more cash.

The Treasury hoped it would save millions of pounds and argued it would be a fairer system.

Ms Owen attacked the decision and stated it was wrong for people to be forced to sell their homes for social care despite being promised they would not need to.

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But Ms Burley challenged the view and asked: “My point is that [richer people] have already had quite a heavy burden of taxation through their life.

“I’m asking you because I put it to the Government yesterday that no one should lose their homes…

“But I am asking you given that you are representing Labour this morning, what would Labour do?”

Ms Owen skirted around the question and started discussing shareholders and the money they make from dividends and other payments.

Ms Owen concluded by saying the Conservatives have found ways to tax the poorest in society so Labour would be able to find ways to tax the richest.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has been repeatedly asked for Labour’s solution to the social care reforms to which he simply replied it should fall on the “broadest shoulders”.

During an interview with Sky News political editor Beth Rigby, Sir Keir was asked how he would come up with the funds.

He was asked in September: “How can you claim to be the party of the NHS when you have just voted against a £36billion tax rise to fund the NHS?

“Your response has quite irritated a lot of people in your party and the public because you criticise the policy.

“You very skillfully exploit that at the dispatch box but you don’t actually give voters an alternative.”

After a tense back and forth, Sir Keir revealed he would support a wealth tax to fund social care after Ms Rigby demanded to know what the “broadest shoulders” meant.


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